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Abstract Submission

The IDF Diabetes Complications and Foot Congress 2018 will be accepting abstracts that fall under any of the 7 programme streams.

The “Call for Abstracts” runs from 26 February to 6 April 2018.


View the abstract submission guidelines.

Programme Streams
  • Foot - Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Foot - Ulcers and Infection
  • Foot - Neuropathy
  • Cardiovascular Disease - Risk Factors
  • Cardiovascular Disease - Coronary Heart Disease and Heart Failure
  • Kidney
  • Eye

The increase in rates of diabetes across the globe brings with it an increase in diabetes complications. Poor diabetes management, whether through lack of education, limited access to care or undiagnosed conditions, means that diabetes complications are a real problem in most countries. A large number of people with diabetes are unaware of having complications. It is estimated that every 30 seconds a lower limb or part of a lower limb is lost to amputation somewhere in the world as a consequence of diabetes.1

IDF has launched a new series of live educational events to tackle the issues around diabetes complications. These biennial events will cover diabetes complications and highlight one specific complication at each event. The first in this series will focus on the diabetic foot.

The aim of the IDF Complications and Foot Congress 2018 is to provide participants with the latest research, treatments and tools to limit and treat diabetes complications. The ultimate goal is to improve outcomes and quality of life for people with diabetes.

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