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Last update: 02/01/2020

An IDF Centre of Education is a diabetes institution designated by IDF to form part of an international collaborative voluntary network to improve high quality education for multidisciplinary healthcare professionals in diabetes and other related chronic diseases.

A new call for applications is open until 31 January 2020. Learn more and apply below.

IDF Vision

To be eligible to become an IDF Centre of Education, the institution commits to the following :

  • Willingness to play a key role in the vision and contribute to the implementation of the IDF Global Education Strategic Plan.
  • Written commitment of leadership to support the IDF School of Diabetes, D-NET, Best of IDF, IDF School Fellow programme and related education initiatives.
  • Commitment to work closely with and act as a reference point for the IDF Education Team and/or the IDF Policy and Programme Department.
  • Willingness to accept and support review and assessment processes by IDF.
  • Willingness to abide by IDF values and beliefs.
Benefits of being part of the IDF Centres network


  1. Official IDF recognition as an organisation that IDF collaborates with to promote and further its mission.
  2. Join a global network of IDF Centres of Education.
  3. Global visibility of your institutional activities through IDF communication channels.
  4. Providing national/regional perspectives to issues of concern for IDF.
  5. Providing input to IDF initiatives, including global consultations on topics of importance to the global diabetes community (eg. access to diabetes care, discrimination).
  6. Support IDF in the development of high-quality programmes and resources to inform the improvement of diabetes care, education and prevention at the national, regional and global levels.

Advocacy: invitation to support and contribute to IDF advocacy through:

  • Priority access to the advocacy materials (toolkits, policy briefings, calls to action) IDF develops on occasion of relevant international meetings, including the World Health Assembly, UN High Level Meetings (such as the one on Universal Health Coverage of September 2019), and the G7 and G20 Leaders’ Summits.
  • Access to information about IDF advocacy campaigns, including instructions on how to get involved (e.g., Universal Health Coverage selfie campaign on social media)Updates about the Blue Circle Voices (BCV) network, including the opportunity to nominate new members and access to the BCV consultations reports.

Education: opportunities for collaboration and recognition include:

  • Call for nomination of experts from your institution to be part of committees and working groups established to oversee the development of IDF programmes.
  • Providing input into IDF scientific papers, position statements and other project resources, as required.
  • Participation in the IDF Congress3 abstract review process, through the nomination of experts in relevant fields.
  • A reduced registration fee for members of your institution to attend the IDF Congress (subject to Congress committee pre-approval).

World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Awareness Month

  • Priority access to the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign resources, key messages and materials of the campaign and organising awareness activities during the month of November. IDF will provide tailored campaign materials (toolkit, posters, infographics, other visuals) and communications (e-alerts, press releases) that can be adapted to local settings.
  • The support and contributions of IDF Centres will be recognised through IDF World Diabetes Day communications channels (website, e-alerts, social media).

Diabetes Voice - the online magazine of IDF

  • Profile the activities of your Centre through regular contributions highlighting issues of relevance to people affected by diabetes in your country or region.
Eligibility Criteria

Applicant institutions must meet the following eligibility criteria. The criteria mentionned below are exhaustive. Your application will no be reviewed if one of them is missing:

  • Your institution should be providing education programmes/training/courses for healthcare professionals for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Your programme or course is aimed to train Health Professionals in management of diabetes (IDF Does not recognise programmes for people with diabetes). 
  • Your programme has been in operation for a minimum of 2 years. 
  • Your programme is ongoing and is planned to be delivered at least annually.
  • Your programme involves active engagement of a multidisciplinary faculty.
  • Your programme has a designated coordinator.
  • Your programme objectives reflect the IDF International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education.
  • Contributed to recent research studies.
  • Your programme has evidence-based content.
  • Your programme or course is aimed to train multidisciplinary health professionals in management of diabetes and related-complications.
  • Your programme has a 3-tiered evaluation: a. Programme as a whole; b. Student learning-evaluation strategy which matches objective; c. Organizations/institution as a whole
  • Your programme evaluation feedback is incorporated into future programme delivery.
Application Process

As an integral part of the IDF School of Diabetes, IDF will appoint Centres based on a competitive application process. Each institute will be independently evaluated before it is selected and must meet a high-standard of education for healthcare professionals an people with diabetes.

A two-year application fee will be charged for each selected Centre of Education:

Country Category Type of Institution Fee
Low Income Country Government, NGO, Not-For-Profit Free*
Other Government/Public Universities/ NGO/Not-For-Profit 500 Euro
  Private Institution 1000 Euro

*If eligible and based on IDF criteria. The Final decision remains with the IDF School of Diabetes Committee.
Payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal

  • Each selected Centre will be allowed to use the designation "IDF Centre of Education" and the dedicated logo. 
  • All selected Centres will be published on the IDF website with a dedicated web link.
Useful Documents
Submit your application

Applications can be submitted through the online form available at the link below. Before applying, please consult the Application Overview, which describes the different sections and questions. The deadline for submission is the 31st of January, 2020.

  • Fill in each section of online application, following the on-screen instructions. You can review your application before submission.
  • When you have completed all the required fields, your application is ready to be sent by clicking on "Submit". Please note that once submitted, you will no longer be able to modify your application.


For any queries regarding the application form, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the following subject line: "IDF Centre Application Query - <Name of your institute> - <Country Name>"

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