IDF Centres of Excellence in Diabetes Care

Last update: 17/12/2021

An IDF Centre of Excellence is a clinical or research institute designated by IDF to form part of an international collaborative voluntary network to initiate, coordinate, facilitate and conduct holistic diabetes service and multidisciplinary education in diabetes and other related chronic diseases.

The International Diabetes Federation designates Centres based on a competitive application process. Each Centre is independently evaluated before it is selected and must deliver a high standard of care for people with diabetes.

Eligibility criteria

Applicant institutions must meet all of the following criteria in order to be considered for designation as an IDF Centre of Excellence: 

  • Be a clinical institution with a multidisciplinary team of health professionals actively involved in diabetes care, prevention and advocacy.
  • Be operational for at least 15 years, legally registered within a jurisdiction and with a physical address.
  • Have a Board/Governing Body and an ethical committee.
  • Have state-of-the-art infrastructure providing diabetes care and education services.
  • Provide education to multidisciplinary health professionals.
  • Provide care and education targeted at people with diabetes and their families.
  • Contribute to recent research studies.
  • Able to pay the applicable fee.*

*The fee is not applicable to Government/NGO/not-for-profit institutions in low-income countries (as defined by the World Bank)

Fees and benefits

Selected Centres will be charged an annual fee (payable by credit card or bank transfer):

  • Private institution: 5,000 Euros
  • Government/Public University/NGO/Not-for-profit: 2,500 Euros
  • Government/NGO/Not-for-profit (low-income country): Free

Selected Centres will be:

  • Allowed to use the term “IDF Centre of Excellence in Diabetes Care” and the dedicated logo.
  • Acknowledged on the IDF website with a link to their website.

How to apply

Complete the online form.

Before submitting, please consult the application guidelines (pdf).

Applications can be reviewed before submission. When the application is ready to be sent, click on “Submit Application".  Once submitted, applications can no longer be modified.

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