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Last update: 29/03/2021

The BCV members are involved in different activities: at the national level they develop their own awareness-raising, education and/or advocacy initiatives, while also engaging on IDF global advocacy actions. Find all the activities BCVs are involved in by clicking on the sections below:

BCV ConsultationsBCVConsultationIcon

BCV members share their views and insights on topics of relevance to people living with or affected by diabetes.

  • Diabetes and Tobacco Consultation (2020) - Read more here.
  • BCV Views of the Network (2018) - Read more in ENFR and ES.
  • Political Declaration on NCDs and IDF Preliminary Statement (2018) - Read more here.
  • Patient-Centred Care (2017) - Read more here.
  • Barriers on Access to Care (2017) - Read more here.
  • Priorities of the Network (2016) - Read more here.
Global Advocacy

BCV members regularly support IDF’s advocacy campaigns and activities, and get involved in Global Advocacy.

  • Perspectives of People Living with Diabetes - Read more in ENFR and ES.
    The first BCV consultation informed the development of this key document. It features the four main priorities of people with diabetes around the world: access and affordability of medicines and care, diabetes education, prevention of type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications, and discrimination.
  • World Health Assembly Side Event - Read more here.
    In 2017, 2018 and 2019, on the occasion of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, IDF organised side events. Every year, one or several of IDF's networks' members participated as panellists in the discussions, bringing their perspective as people living with diabetes.
  • Policy Recommendations to Improve Diabetes Care - Read more here.
    In 2017, the International Diabetes Federation developed key policy recommendations to improve diabetes care in South Africa. The document was developed with the support of the IDF Members and the BCV members from those target countries.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the activities undertaken by the Blue Circle Voices in 2019. Read more here


This report provides a comprehensive overview of the activities undertaken by the Blue Circle Voices in 2018. Read more here

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