Blue Circle Voices


The BCV members are involved in different activities: at the national level they develop their own awareness-raising, education and/or advocacy actions, while also engaging at the global level with IDF initiatives. You can find all the activities they are involved in in the following sections:


BCV members share their views and insights on a series of topics of relevance to people living with, or affected by, diabetes via Consultations. More information about the BCV consultations can be found here.

Global Advocacy

BCV members also support IDF’s advocacy campaigns and activities. More about the BCV involvement in Global Advocacy can be found here.

BCV newsletters

Every two months, IDF launches a newsletter which features projects and activities from BCV members from all over the world. The BCV newsletters can be accessed here.

BCV Annual Report 2018

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the activities undertaken by the Blye Circle Voices in 2018, from global advocacy activities to consultations and newsletters. You can read all about it by clicking here

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