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IDF Europe is an inclusive and multicultural umbrella organization of 70 national diabetes associations in 44 countries across the European region, representing people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals. Through our activities we aim to influence policy, increase public awareness and encourage health improvement, as well as promote the exchange of best practice and high-quality information about diabetes throughout the European region.

IDF Europe receives funding from a number of different sources and projectsThe Guiding Principles for IDF Europe Partnership can be found here

For our registered status as a non-profit organisation, please read our Articles of Association.

Last update: 25/10/2021


IDF Europe would not exist without its Members. National diabetes associations and their continuous work to raise awareness on diabetes are at the heart of our Federation.

IDF Europe is proud to represent a wide and diverse multicultural network of national diabetes associations representing people living with diabetes, healthcare professionals, researchers, and educational institutions.

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Regional Council

The ultimate decision-maker in IDF Europe is the Regional Council which convenes all IDF Europe Members yearly. The Council reviews the Federation's activities for the past year, discusses and adopts an operational plan for the next year, discusses and approves the budget, and elects its representatives in the Board of Management.

Each Country, represented by Members, has from 1 to 6 delegates, the same as for the IDF General Assembly, who represent the country.

For more information on IDF Europe's Regional Council, contact us at idfeurope@idf-europe.org

IDF Europe Board

The IDF Europe Regional Board is elected every two years by the Regional Council.

The Regional Board is headed by the Regional Chair and Regional Chair-Elect.  All Board Members are elected for a 2-year mandate.

The Board meets several times by teleconference and in person twice a year to review progress on agreed IDF Europe's programmes and projects.

Meet our Board Members

Advisors to the Board

Advisors support the Board on specific matters which may arise during the Board term.

Regional Office

The IDF Europe staff manages the daily business of the Federation from the Brussels office. It also receives invaluable support from interns and staff exchange with national diabetes associations across Europe every 6 months. The latest annual financial statement is available here

Meet our Staff.

Together we are stronger

IDF Europe seeks to partner with responsible corporations, foundations, or public entities to advance its mission to promote diabetes care, prevention, and a cure in Europe and worldwide. Read here on How to become a partner.

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