About Us

IDF Europe is an inclusive and multicultural umbrella organization of 67 national diabetes associations in 43 countries across the European region, representing people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals. Through our activities we aim to influence policy, increase public awareness and encourage health improvement, as well as promote the exchange of best practice and high-quality information about diabetes throughout the European region. We provide essential expertise and up-to-date evidence on diabetes, support awareness campaigns through a wide network of partners and stakeholders, and work with European and international organizations towards the development, implementation and monitoring of effective public policies for diabetes.

IDF Europe receives funding from a number of different sources and projects as outlined here.

The Guiding Principles for IDF Europe Partnership can be found here

For our registered status as a non-profit organisation, please read our Articles of Association


Our Staff Members 

 Ignacio  lala

Ignacio Garamendi
Regional Manager
Tel: 0032 2 639 20 94


Lala Rabemananjara
Regional Executive
Tel: 0032 2 639 20 90

 Erin pic  Winne

Erin Vera
Communication Officer
Tel: 0032 2 639 20 90


Winne Ko
Project and Policy Officer
Tel: 0032 2 639 20 92

Ernest pic  

Ernest Karuranga
Professional Officer
Tel: 0032 2 639 20 95




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