• IDF Europe Annual Report 2018

    February 02 2019

    Cover final 2Every year, the title of our annual report links with the cities where our General Council is taking place. This is no coincidence; Abu Dhabi and Tirana are not only cities but also the milestone of our annual progresses. IDF Europe is a wonderful assembly of dedicated people and associations working hand in hand for the same aim all around Europe.

    In 2018, we stayed active to strengthen the critical role we play in Europe. Built around our five priorities, we pursued the implementation of long-term strategies to prevent diabetes and provide better settings for the people living with diabetes. Our advocacy approach, Mobilising with Diabetes, provided us with the tools to raise the political and financial attention around diabetes in Europe. As of end of 2018, we continued to work on formulating our policy priorities, in view of the next 2019 European context.

    We are also an active actor in various EU funded projects. In October, IDF Europe met for the first time with the partners of the OPEN project. IDF Europe is a non-academic partner of the consortium and we will bring research expertise in the first quarter of 2019. Besides, we are an ongoing partner in Feel4Diabetes, a study for diabetes prevention among children and we are part of the consortium in the CarpeDiab e-health for Type 2 self-management solution.

    Unrestricted grants from our Corporate Partners helped us deliver some of our activities. We kept on working closely with them, evaluating and improving our current cooperation and discussing further opportunities for collaboration in 2019.

    Moreover, we have taken part in many EU high-level meetings, sharing our positions and expertise within multi stakeholder discussions and working groups. For example, we lead the Symposium on diabetes care during EASD conference and we participated actively in the EU Platform for action on diet, physical activity and health and in the WHO meeting in November.

    Finally, our future is in good hands thanks to the energy and creativity of our youth advocates. The 8th IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp took place in Prague in another successful edition and the Youth Advocacy Group (YOURAH) continuously work to support the empowerment of youth to engage in policy, advocacy and support activities.

    I am very proud and thankful to the work done everyday by our 69 members in 44 countries, our Board and our Regional Office. Everyone deserves to be thanked for his or her commitment, dedication and hard work. Together we are stronger!

    Prof Dr Sehnaz Karadeniz Chair, IDF Europe.

    Read the full Annual Report HERE

  • Diabetes and chronic diseases, the challenge of EU nutrition legislation. A case on carbohydrate quality and prevention

    January 01 2019

    IDF Europe together with MEP Nicola Caputo organized a roundtable discussion on Diabetes and Chronic Diseases, the challenge of EU Nutrition legislation. A case on carbohydrate quality and prevention. The discussion, that took place on Tuesday 5 February at the European Parliament in Brussels, aimed at examine and sharing whether Glycemia Index should be included under EU nutrition legislation.


    Not all carbohydrates food are equal. This is something people living with diabetes know very well. Counting the carbohydrate quantity consumed is key to know if it will affect the blood glucose levels. But this common task is not always easy.

    Under the current  EU food labelling and nutrition legislation, it is not always clearly shown how many carbohydrates the product have. During IDF Europe roundtable discussion, more than 10 healthcare and nutrition profesionals, policy makers and representatives from civil society examined whether the Glycemia Index (GI)*, can and should be included under the EU nutrition legislation

    Roundtable tools:

    *The Glycemic Index (GI) is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels.




  • Staff exchange programme 2019

    December 12 2018


    For the 9th consecutive year, IDF Europe is continuing its Staff Exchange Programme. If you are working or volunteering for an IDF Member in Europe, apply for this unique opportunity to join the IDF Europe staff and work in Brussels as a “staff member on loan” in a dynamic and international atmosphere for a duration of 3 to 6 months.

    The successful applicant will have the chance to: 

    • Contribute to on-going advocacy, membership activities and projects managed by IDF Europe
    • Help foster improved relations with European Members
    • Represent IDF Europe at events and conferences
    • Help in the organisation of meetings and congresses and preparing material for those events

    For IDF Europe, the programme is also an opportunity to gain very valuable insight into the work and projects carried out by our Members, and to look at ways to strengthen the collaboration with our membership.

    How to apply:

    Send your CV and letter of motivation to by 31 January 2019

    In 2017, two young advocates joined us for the Staff Exchange Programme, Rachel Portelli from Malta and Weronika Kowalska from Poland. This is what they have to say about their experience: 

    Rachel WDD

    As a social policy graduate and a person living with type 1 diabetes for the past 20 years, I had dreamed of working in an environment such as that of IDF Europe – The staff exchange programme is so much more than I ever expected! During my stay at IDF Europe, I was involved in the youth group, attended a number of conferences, and been involved in several meetings with IBM regarding Watson Analytics. I was also involved in the preparation of World Diabetes Day. Together with other staff members, a “call for diabetes” from young advocates to Members of the European Parliament was prepared. I was also given the opportunity to attend the event held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg where an afternoon debate was held.  I was able to see and be a part of all the work done behind the scenes to hold such an event which is so much more than I ever expected.” 

    Rachel Portelli, Malta

    IMG 0122"The International Diabetes Federation Europe Staff Exchange Programme is a valuable experience, which helps develop skills, improve knowledge and strengthens ties. I attended the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp in 2016 as a participant where I got to know the organization better and found out the possible ways of engaging in various activities in the diabetes community. I was interested in joining the IDF Europe office in Brussels for a 6-month internship to support European diabetes projects and gain experience working in a non-profit organisation with such a multinational team. During my time at the office I was mainly responsible for graphic designs and helping with Social Media analysis and strategies, since I am professional Designer and Online Marketing Specialist. My biggest project was designing a diabetes exhibition which was presented in EU institutions such as the European Commission in Brussels and European Committee of the Regions during World Diabetes Day events. I was also involved in preparations for this year's Youth Leadership Camp in Romania where I had the opportunity to conduct workshops about Communication and Social Media for Campaigning for participants - it gives a totally different perspective on the Camp. I think that International Diabetes Federation Europe Staff Exchange Programme will be a rich experience for any young diabetes advocate who wants to know more about diabetes environment and make a change for people living with diabetes in Europe." 

    Weronika Kowalska, Poland

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