Towards a new European Parliament Diabetes Resolution

Last update: 30/09/2022

On the Centenary of the Discovery of Insulin, 10 years after the first European Parliament Motion for Resolution on diabetes, let’s stop ignoring the 170,000 children and the 32 million adults living with the disease in the European Union (EU) and the millions more on their way to developing it. Let’s re-design health systems, which build on the effective prevention and management of diabetes and other chronic diseases, to guarantee their own resilience, improve EU citizens’ quality of life and reduce inequalities.

Nobody is immune to diabetes

The situation is urgent and getting worse. Lacking or ineffective research and policy action over many decades has resulted in an ever-increasing number of European citizens from all ages and walks of life living with diabetes and other chronic conditions and developing life-altering complications. Not only does this result in poor quality of life for many of the people living with these conditions but it also jeopardises the health and well-being of future generations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the impact of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on health systems. The quality of diabetes (and other NCDs) prevention and management is a marker of this future resilience.

To a greater extent than for any other NCD, diabetes prevention, management and care touch on all aspects of a national health system, making it a marker of quality, effectiveness, performance and resilience. Effective prevention and management of diabetes will keep users away from the healthcare system, lower costs, improve resource utilisation and contribute to health systems’ digitalisation, thereby shoring up the resilience of national healthcare systems. It will also improve citizens’ quality of life and reduce inequalities. It will benefit not just PwD and those at risk of diabetes but also all people living with, or at risk of, other NCDs and conditions.

EU policy action lacks the required leadership. Policy action is not recognising the scale and urgency of the crisis

To achieve impact on diabetes across Europe, we need stronger, strategic leadership from the EU, with an ambitious Diabetes Plan accompanied by a Diabetes Mission, with clear and fully coordinated milestones, targets and responsibilities, accompanying and leveraging the myriad excellent EU initiatives such as the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the European Health Data Space, and working in close collaboration with Member States and other stakeholders.

Read more about the rationale for a new European Parliament Diabetes Resolution:


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The full document and the executive summary of the rationale for a new European Parliament Diabetes Resolution are also available to download here:

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Download the full document   Download the executive summary


Events leading up to the resolution

European Parliament Lunch Debate- Towards a new Diabetes Resolution: The Time to Act is Now!

12 October, 11.00-13.00 - Room ASP 3H1
Event hosted by MEP István Ujhelyi

 Slides resolution 23

Ahead of World Diabetes Day 2022 and to mobilise political support for a new Diabetes Resolution, IDF Europe and MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes invite you to a lunch debate at the European Parliament in Brussels, hosted by MEP István Ujhelyi. MEP Ujhelyi has been a long-standing supporter of the diabetes cause and a strong ally of the diabetes community.

During the event, diabetes advocates will share real life stories of living with diabetes and reflect on the urgent need for a new Diabetes Resolution in 2022. This will be followed by an MEP panel discussion and a blood glucose testing outside the event venue.

Register here.

The agenda of the event will be available soon.


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