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For the first time in Albania on 14 November 2012, World Diabetes Day, the Albanian Diabetes Association organized a press conference with the participation of Albanian health policies institutions, Ministry of Health, Institute of Public Health, Health Insurance Institute, people with diabetes, and pharmaceutical companies and different TV emissions were run.

For 2013 a lot of activities are planned:

The Diabetes Exposition will be organized for the Vth consecutive year.

Diabetes screening, free consultations and lectures about diabetes from the most eminent diabetologists in the country.

A national Conference on Diabetes treatment and foot problems will be held on 9th November.

During the period 26 Oct-17 Nov activities will be organized in big cities. Different TV emissions will be organized during the whole week before WDD in local and national TV.

A press conference, gathering together persons with diabetes, Health Insurance Institute, Ministry of Health, Public Health Institute and representant of WHO in Albania.

Health Education and Screening Programmes:

The Association organized the first training workshop with nurses who had a long work experience with diabetic people. A group of 25 nurses participated in this workshop which was held at Tirana International Hotel, on 15 September 2012. This program included three major topics and three workshops with a total duration of 5 hours.

Training seminar of pharmacists. The objective of this seminar was the training of pharmacists on early detection of new individuals with diabetes by blood glucose measurement and also informing them about oral antidiabetic drugs available in Albania. This program lasted 4 hours and was accredited by Albanian National Center for Ongoing Education with 4 credits. Six sessions are organized during the period 2012-2013, with more than 600 pharmacists participating and trained.

The 4th National Conference of Albanian Diabetes Association was held on 17 November 2012 in Sheraton Hotel, Tirana under the supervision of the Minister of Health Mr Vangjel Tavo. This conference was attended by 300 participants, including general practitioners, endocrinologists and other guests. Guests of Honour and lecturers in this conference were; Prof. Jean-Philippe Assal, diabetologist from Switzerland and Dr Ali Erginay, a well-known ophthalmologist and coordinator of Diabetic Retinopathy National Program in France.

Message from the President

Mr Florian Toti "As a member of IDF, we are trying to help all the people with diabetes to better know and manage their diabetes, and for HCP we are trying to educate them for an early diagnosis, a better treatment and follow-up of diabetes, to prevent chronic complications. The slogan of Albanian Diabetes Association is: Helping People With Diabetes and Raising Awareness of Health Care Providers"

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