Hrvatski Savez Dijabetickih Udruga

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Hrvatski savez dijabetickih udruga was established was established in 1954. From 1954, Hrvatski savez dijabetickih udruga is working on improving the lives of people with diabetes through activities of local societies in cooperation with health care professionals.

Main Focus

  • To generate awareness on diabetes among the general public and disseminate updated scientific information
  • To help people with diabetes manage and control their disease through the education of patients, their families and caregivers
  • To improve the image of people with diabetes as well as their access to information and to care, and to enhance basic and clinical research
  • To act as an advocate for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals involved in defending the legitimate rights of people with diabetes and representing their interests before the national and international authorities


In order to raise awareness the association organises for World Diabetes Day a public transportation campaign (posters in buses, trams, trains), diabetes screenings, a public open forum with participation of all stakeholders (Health ministry, national Health Insurance Institution, national Public health institution, medical professionals), a conference on Physical activity in diabetes, Media campaign. 

Health Education and Screening Programmes:

To achieve the goals arising from the mission, CDA as a laypersons umbrella association, advocates for people with diabetes and their families and helps their members by organizing activities at different levels. 

Publications & Newsletters

The Association publishes a magazine for people with diabetes. This magazine is issued 6 times a year and offers a wide range of information of all kinds, such as testimonies, scientific articles, nutrition sections and practical advice aimed at helping people with diabetes to manage and control their disease.


Message from the President

Mr Davor Bucevic "As a member of IDF, we are proud to be a part of such a big family which streams towards the same goal – to show people around the Globe that diabetes is not something we are ashamed of. People with diabetes have to have proper medical care, people with diabetes should not be discriminated, people with diabetes can live a long life without complications while they take care of proper diet, regular physical activity and constant education. Diabetes is not something that will stop us living our dream and do all the things healthy people can. Quite the opposite, it motivates us to show that there are no limits and barriers we cannot cross. "


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