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The organization Diador was founded on 14th November 1988 by a diabetologist and 11 patients.

The main aim was and still is to enable young adults with diabetes who visit the Special Diabetes Outpatient Department for young people with diabetes to get to know each other better in situations around diabetes and also during free time activities. The second main aim was/is to enable education for patients with diabetes and for the public.

By coincidence the foundation anniversary day was later announced to be World Diabetes Day.

Main Focus

  • To protect the interests of people with diabetes
  • Education of members and nonmembers in the field of diabetes
  • To accomplish a higher quality of health care and life for people with diabetes
  • To avoid discrimination of members as patients or as citizens
  • Diabetes awareness and support to people with diabetes


Winter reconditional/medic stay – this is a medical and educational stay for members during the winter time. The main activity is skiing, evening lectures by a doctor, new information from pharmaceutical companies and together fun activities. Doctors and nurses are always present during the stay. The aim is to let patients experience the influence of sport on glycemias and diabetes.

Summer reconditional/medic stay – medical and educational stay for members during the summer time. Main activities are together games, sports, a hiking trip, visiting of monuments, interesting sights, lectures by a doctor, new information from pharmaceutical companies.

Nutritional program – each year Diador organizes an exhibition of food and products for people with diabetes

Lectures for the public – throughout the year we organize 4 lectures regarding diabetes for the public with free entrance

Sport activities – Diador Sports day – each year we organize a day full of sports (volleyball, football, basketball)

Sport activities – volleyball tournament Diador vs. pharmaceutical companies

Sport activities – volleyball tournament in Luhačovice (Czech Republic) during diabetological congress

Cultural events – several concerts throughout the year for members

Social help and education – collaboration with Children Diabetes Centre of the Slovak Republic

During World Diabetes Day:

Public measuring of glycemias + basic consultation (regular activity)

Cooperation in the project Via Dia in 2013

Message from the President

Dr Lubomir Barak "Our organization wanted to be in contact with the whole world and after 25 years of our existence we thought we would be ready to join into the international cooperation. We are an organization of young adults therefore would like to collaborate in the activities of Diabetes Youth.

In our membership in IDF we see benefits: newest information in the field of diabetes, whole world interconnection, international contacts, eventual cooperation with Diabetes Youth."


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