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Turkish Diabetes Foundation was established in 1996 and wasapproved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey as a not-profit making institution in 2000.

The Board of Trustees consists of 196 members including healthcare professionals working in the field of diabetes (Faculty members from nearly all Universities in Turkey and from leading governmental hospitals, diabetes nurses and dieticians), patients and lay people.

Main Focus

  • Increasing public awareness about diabetes in order to decrease the rapidly increasing diabetes prevalence
  • Improvement of quality of diabetes care and the treatment of people with diabetes
  • Improvement of the patients’ rights
  • Sharing the latest clinical information and the research with the healthcare team (physicians, nurses, dieticians) and improvement of the coordination between the disciplines


Raising public awareness in order to prevent diabetes in population at high risk, and early diagnosis of diabetes and related complications in people with diabetes. WDD activities are carried out during whole week .

Improvement of patients' rights: besides the meetings and publications, TURKDIAB has also established a “Law Office” for people with diabetes in 2002.

Diabetes education for people with diabetes and their families is one of the priorities. Education programs, publications including “Living and Diabetes” magazine published quarterly, Diabetes Camps (since 1997) are organized.

“Diabetes Education Delivered by Peer Advisers - DAKE” Project has been started in 2012 as a 3-year project. This project targets to educate the peer advisers to educate patients through a structured education program. This project is carried out under the auspices of the Presidency of Turkey and supported by the World Diabetes Foundation (for further information please see Nationwide Projects).

Regular “Diabetes Education Programs” are run in the Centers of the TURKDIAB.

Supporting scientists and researches in the field of Diabetes: National Diabetes Congresses are organized together with the Turkish Diabetes Association since 1999.

Regional projects

Four nationwide projects

Diabetes Parliament brings together all diabetes stakeholders and gives the opportunity to directly communicate the problems and concerns with the decision-makers

Let’s Stop Diabetes!

Diabetes Education Delivered by Peer Advisers – DAKE

Diabetes management of people with diabetes living abroad

Diabetes Centers are serving patients for diabetes care and follow-up since 1999.

More details can be obtained here

Publications & Newsletters

DİYABET VE YAŞAM DERGİSİ - Diabetes and Living Magazine is both for people with diabetes and for people who have made a target of healthy living. It is published quarterly since 1998. Along with educational articles about diabetes and healthy living, talks with well-known people with diabetes, scenes from life with diabetes, diabetes news and other up-to-date topics can be found.

The Association publishes also several reports and guides.

Message from the President

Prof. Dr. M.Temel Yilmaz "In Turkey, the number of people with diabetes increases faster than the global average. To overcome this challenge and reverse the numbers we need more and more act together, and collaborate and cooperate more and more with all diabetes stakeholders both locally, regionally and globally. IDF is the only global organization which strives to find solutions for problems related to diabetes. We became an IDF member in 1997. Membership has facilitated our efforts to establish an organic link with other Member Associations and international organizations."


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