Mobilising for diabetes

One of IDF Europe's main activities is policy and advocacy at the regional and national level. 

At regional level, the main targets of IDF Europe are the EU Institutions (European Parliament and European Commission), the Council of Europe and the World Health Organization European Region. 

At national level, the Federation acts as a bridge for its Members by informing them on the latest policy developments Europe-wide. This way, national members can perform their policy and advocay activities at national level, using regional activities as a reference. 

The diabetes epidemic has been widely ignored for too long. This is why strong advocacy is essential to push for political action and reverse the diabetes epidemic in Europe and worldwide.

Policy activities aim at guiding decisions and achieving rational outcomes. According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is a "set of ideas or a plan of what to do in particular situations that have been agreed to officially by a group of people"

On its part, advocacy is an on-going process to bring about change in attitudes, actions, policies and laws through influencing political leaders, decision-makers or organizations with power. IDF Europe carries out its advocacy activities through working on policy issues dealt with at European level, by taking part in EU-funded projects on diabetes, and by supporting IDF advocacy campaigns.

Most importantly, IDF Europe has established a series of partnerships at European level. These partnerships are a vital part of our advocacy work, as they greatly contribute to our mission to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure.

Currently, IDF Europe is a member of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), Health First Europe (HFE), European Patients' Forum (EPF), European Chronic Disease Alliance (ECDA), European Coalition for Diabetes (ECD) and Alliance for European Diabetes Research (EURADIA)

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