IDF Europe is the European chapter of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). We are an umbrella organization representing 70 national diabetes organisations in 47 countries across Europe.  We are a diverse and inclusive multicultural network of national diabetes associations, representing both people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals.

Latest news from IDF Europe

  • 12 October - World Sight Day

    October 12 2017

    Looking at challenges eyes to eyes

    World Sight Day 2017 12 October 2017

    In Europe, over 15 million people are living with type 2...

  • 11 October - World Obesity Day

    October 11 2017

    World Obesity Day

    Our future does not look slimmer

    Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation Europe launched a new report...

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Upcoming events

  • ISPAD 2017
    Date of event:
    18 October 2017 - 21 October 2017
    K.I.T. Group GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria
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IDF Young Leaders in Europe

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