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The Iranian Diabetes Society (IDS) has formally been founded in 1968 by Dr. Esmailbeigi in Tehran. Now IDS has more than 20 branches in different cities of Iran. More than 100,000 diabetics registered as members of IDS in different branches. The aim of IDS is to raise awareness of Iranian society through education for public, diabetics, health care providers and policy makers.


Main Focus

  • Diabetes Education

  • Diabetes Research

  • Children with Diabetes

  • Holding Seminars on Diabetes

  • Diabetes Publications



Educational activities:

  • Public educational course on diabetes

  • Special training course for people with diabetes through 3-day training courses.

  • Educational courses on hypertension for people with diabetes and people at risk of hypertension.

  • Professional workshops and educational seminars specified to physicians, nurses and nutritionists in association with medical schools and related academic organizations such as the Endocrine and Metabolism Association. 

  • One-day seminars on education of diabetes in schools in association with the Ministry of Education.

  • One-day seminars on education with the collaboration of Municipality. 

  • Associations with the media to raise awareness of diabetes as well as to run interviews and round tables on radio and TV networks.

  • Holding a diabetes course for the medical school students before their graduation with collaboration of the Ministry of health.


  • Research contribution with medical sciences colleges all over the country.

  • Advising and reading university researches and theses on diabetes. 

  • Delivering articles and essays in either national or international congresses on diabetes and active participation in them.

Diabetic Children and Youngsters

  • Running educational camps twice a year each summer.

  • Handling HbA1c tests in association with laboratories 4 times a year in the location of IDS.

  • Running celebrations for diabetic students at the beginning of academic year as well as at the end of it.

  • Establishment of the youth group of IDS.

Educational Seminars & Celebrations

  • Running World Diabetes Day Seminar.

  • Celebrating the anniversary of establishment of IDS.

  • Running a ceremonial program on 24th July each year on appreciating the educators of diabetes.

  • Holding a seminar on the representations of life with diabetes.

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Young Leaders in Diabetes

Parisa and Sanaz represent the Iranian Diabetes Society in the Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme (YLD).

Read more about them and about the YLD programme here

Publications & Newsletters

  • Publishing 64 issues of a seasonal diabetes magazine called PAYAM-E-DIABET.

  • Publishing more than 250,000 issues of educational books on diabetes 

  • Publishing more than 1,000,000 posters and pamphlets on diabetes.


Message from the President

Dr. Rajab "Diabetes education should focus on the creation of motivation for people with diabetes and commitment of health care provider for keeping the health of people with diabetes. Both of them need continuing education." 

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