Ligue Marocaine de Lutte contre le Diabète

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The Moroccan League for the Fight against Diabetes (Ligue Marocaine de Lutte contre le Diabète) is a non-governmental organisation, founded in 1990 by the late Professor Jamal Deen Bensouda .
Recognizing the importance of the involvement of a variety of partners, the League has brought together complementary organisations right from the start. In addition to endocrinologists, diabetes doctors and people with diabetes, the League is open not only to medical experts(cardiologists, nephrologists, dietitians, GPs, ophthalmologists, psychologists, ... ), but also to lawyers, economists, parliamentarians and journalists.

Main Focus

  • To generate awareness about diabetes among the general public and patients of the diseases and to emphasise on the importance of prevention;
  • To help people with diabetes to improve the management of their condition;
  • To promote the education of people with diabetes;
  • To improve diabetes care throughout the country
  • To promote diabetes research and national epidemiology.


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The League organises education of people with diabetes and their families. Several diabetic education sessions were held at the Centre Red Crescent Rabat, Tangier and Oujda. They also organises awareness and prevention actions among young people (public and private schools). Several awareness and education sessions were conducted in association with other organizations, especially against smoking.


They organise conferences for GPs across the different regions of Morocco, training seminars for educators. They Collaborate with public and private organizations in the field of epidemiological studies, cost estimation of the management of diabetes and its complications, investigations on the ground ... Reflecting on the project to create educational centers for diabetics and training for trainers. Preparation of reports on the disease


The league established networks and partnerships between national and regional associations and collaborates with the ministries of health, youth, sport, as well as with religious entities..

Message from the President

Prof. Jamal Belkhadir "The Moroccan League for the Fight against Diabetes has been a member of the International Diabetes Federation since 1995.
The League fully supports the objectives of the IDF - to work to prevent diabetes, to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes and to promote a healthy lifestyle.
The League also works in the international and regional arena to fight the diabetes epidemic by developing and coordinating strategies to fight diabetes, in an integrated and collaborative approach involving governments based on IDF guidelines, taking into account national and regional differences".

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