Qatar study links diabetes with heart failure

Last update: 25/04/2017

People with both type 2 diabetes and acute heart failure face a significantly lower risk of death, a recent study has revealed.

However, they have a higher risk of heart failure-related hospitalisations if they had high systolic blood pressure on discharge from the hospital compared to those with normal blood pressure, according to the study led by a researcher from Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar (WCM-Q).

Previous research has linked high blood pressure with worse health outcomes among people with type 2 diabetes and among people with heart failure. The new study—the first to assess blood pressure and health outcomes in people who have both type 2 diabetes and acute heart failure — found that those with a systolic blood pressure above 150 mmHg were 45 percent less likely to die but 47 percent more likely to be hospitalised for heart failure during a 12-month follow-up period.

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