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Health professionals formed the Bermuda Diabetes Association in 1979, led by Nurse Debbie Jones, in response to the alarming number of complications affecting those in Bermuda with diabetes. The steering committee felt that with greater knowledge the person with diabetes could be in a better position to best manage the disease.

The objectives of the association are to provide knowledge to patients and healthcare providers alike. Programmes to update physicians, nurses and dieticians are regularly sponsored by the Association. One of the Association’s earlier objectives was to provide diabetes education through the hospital, and the association successfully lobbied for and sponsored the opening of the diabetes education centre at the hospital.

In 2007 the Association opened a pharmacy, which supplies most of those on the island with their diabetes medical supplies. The Association now has six staff members, which includes a community educator who takes diabetes education to the schools and workplace.

Main Focus

  • To promote awareness about signs, symptoms & treatment of diabetes
  • To support for those living with Type I and Type 2 diabetes
  • To reduce the incidence of diabetes complications
  • To education about healthy lifestyles for prevention and management of diabetes


  • Public diabetes screenings
  • Sponsored workshops for healthcare professionals
  • An annual grant for further education in diabetes care
  • Web based newsletter/updates
  • Import of medication and blood glucose test strips
  • Teaching of patients in use of glucose monitors and administration of insulin
  • Sponsoring children to attend diabetes camp
  • Organising and running diabetes camps
  • Sponsorship of guest speakers to lecture at physician clinical meetings and at general public meetings

Learn more here about activities organised by the Association for World Diabetes Day:

  • Foot Clinics
  • Community Seminar & Healthy Lunch
  • Healthy eating tips in restaurants and grocery stores
  • “Step by Step Walk for Diabetes”
  • Bermuda Diabetes Association Tent at World Rugby Classic
  • "Denim for Diabetes" fundraising
  • World Diabetes Day Church Service

Message from the President

Mr David Hills, Chairman "IDF provides a focus for the Member Associations (MAs) across the world. They provide a range of support services to MAs and act as a catalyst for change on a scale that each of the MAs cannot achieve on their own.

The research and other major areas of activity provide information and support to the activities in each of the seven regions, and each of the MAs in those areas. It is a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Together we achieve more by working together towards our common mission and goals.''


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