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Main Focus

  • Primary and secondary prevention
  • Diabetes education


During the month of November the association focusses on providing information through social media. They participate as much possible in talk shows on TV and local radio’s and send out press releases. They also visit primary and secondary schools and universities, companies checking blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight all free of charge.

The month of November is also the national public collecting month. Together with this collecting action they provide information and check blood sugar in supermarkets and public places free of charge.

This year the association will open the November month with a walk together with Fun Walk (a walk association). At the start all participants can check their blood sugar and check it again after the walk. This is also a fundraising activity.

They will close the November month with “Sokudi den Bario” (Sokudi in the neigbourhood), this year in Banda Bou (countryside). This is a day in cooperation with the association that gives medical care in that area. There will have info booths, lectures of diabetes, diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. All lectures are given by professionals. Screening and lectures are free of charge.

On November the 14th 2013 Sokudi organizes a gospel festival with testimonials in the Coromoto Church and information booths and will have the blue light monument this year also. The monument is not chosen yet.

Message from the President

Ms Silvana Willems "We are the national organization on behalf of patients with diabetes for their rights. And we believe that we MUST unite for diabetes (as our logo)

We provide our members and their families and caregivers with information and training through diabetics basic course, advanced course diabetics and support groups for adults, young people and the parents and caregivers of the youngsters. We also organize courses, workshops and seminars for professionals and interest groups.

It is important to stimulate the community in general and the members of Sokudi to take responsibility for their own health and that of their family to prevent or delay diabetes as long as possible and to avoid complications.

We work on primary (mostly through social media) and secondary prevention. Primary prevention is achieved by Sokudi in neighbourhoods, schools and businesses. We organize also walks and theme meetings.

All this we do with the help of volunteers, sponsors, donors and fundraising activities. Would you like to help? Feel free to contact us."


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