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The Diabetes Association of Jamaica is a limited liability Company,which is a private voluntary non-profit organization.

The Association was founded in 1976 with the help of the Lions Clubs of Kingston and St Andrew.

The Diabetes Association of Jamaica services Community projects for a minimal donation. Medical checks,surgical assessments,Chiropody/Podiatry,Diet Counselling,Exercise classes,eye and renal services are offered through branches and outreach programmes.

At Headquarters,at 1 Downer Avenue, Kingston,there is a full service "one stop" operation that includes a pharmacy,gym,Kidney dialysis,lab and all other services that relates to diabetes management at reduced cost.

Main Focus

  • To generate public interest in recognising the common risk factors and by so doing respond with the right intervention through screening.
  • To help advocate for collaboration with the rest of civil society and government for policies and strategies targeted at preventing, controlling and managing diabetes.
  • To improve the quality of life of those who are afflicted, or who are at risk of developing diabetes mellitus.
  • To act as the coordinator of activities and education that will lead to protecting the youth who are living with diabetes.


  • The Association is mainly organizing the following activities:
  • Medical clinics
  • Outreach (screening)
  • Diabetes education
  • Diet counselling
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Foot care
  • Life for a child
  • Modi youth
  • Camp yellowbird (Annual diabetes camp for youth)
  • Research activities (Bridges)
  • UDOP (Annual diabetes conference)
  • Training of Foot Care Assistants in collaboration with the World Walk Foundation.

Message from the President

Prof. Morrison "As a member of the IDF we as an Association are delighted to be part of this movement that continues to serve persons with diabetes through our education sessions, medical clinics foot care eye checks and pharmaceutical services".


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