Asociación para el Cuidado de la Diabetes en Argentina - CUI.D.AR

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1642 Pcia. Buenos Aires
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Asociación para el Cuidado de la Diabetes en Argentina CUI.D.AR is a nonprofit organization that works for children and young people with type 1 diabetes developing educational and informational activities of support for both the child and adolescent, and their family, school and social environment.
CUI.D.AR does not provide direct medical care, but their intervention affects the quality of treatment, education, better access to better care and general welfare of the person with this chronic condition, their family and environment.
CUI.D.AR also creates social awareness of the condition. A total of 5,805 individuals are directly benefiting of their actions.
Main Focus
CUI.D.AR main focus is minimizing the impact of diabetes in the lives of children and young people living with diabetes, their families and their environment.


  • Education, prevention and health promotion programmes
  • Physical, sport and recreation programmes
  • Creative expression spaces for children and adolescents
  • Counseling and support programmes
  • Legal assistance programmes
  • Social assistance programmes
  • Communication and awareness programmes
  • Research study
  • Awareness campaigns
Other programmes:

- Diabetes Goes to School. Program that aims at training teachers and staff so they can have good information and training about the condition and can react to specific situations that a child or adolescent may experience in the school. More information
- Protocol of Care. A platform that aims to provide all children and young people living with type 1 diabetes a safe school environment
World Diabetes Day
Every year CUI.D.AR marks the World Diabetes Day campaign with an event of great impact in support of the IDF's global campaign, which is our most important and significance action in the year.
It aims at raising awareness among the Argentinean society and provides great visibility to children and young people living with this chronic condition.

Publications & Newsletters

  • Diabetes News Magazine
  • Monthly Newsletter

Message from the President

Mr Santiago Valcarenghi: "My name is Santiago Valcarenghi and I am currently the President of CUI.D.AR.
It is certainly an honor for CUI.D.AR to join the International Diabetes Federation in the incredible work they do in support of people with diabetes around the world.
We dream of a world without diabetes, but while this does not happen, we hope to help raise the voice of people living with this chronic condition, particularly children and young people in order to achieve a healthy, full and happy life.".

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