Federação Nacional de Associações e Entitades de Diabetes

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Federação Nacional de Associações e Entitades de Diabetes (National Federation of Diabetes’ Organizations) is a civil, non - profit organization that brings together Diabetes Associations of Brazil, founded in June 1988, affiliated to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), which regulates the actions in Diabetes worldwide.

Main Focus

FENAD develops guidance, education, early detection of Diabetes and prevention of its complications activities, in addition to conducting clinical research and other legally authorized scientific activities.


The main actions undertaken and planned for 2014 are:

  • 19th. Brazilian Congress Multidisciplinary Diabetes
  • 17th. National Diabetes Campaign in free as part of the activities of the World Diabetes Day
  • Course Lato Sensu, Postgraduate Training Course for Diabetes Educators in partnership with ANBED - Brazilian Association of Diabetes Educators.
  • Diabetes Clinic Magazine
  • ANAD Informa Magazine
  • Radio programs
  • Television programs
  • Website
  • Activities for patients and health professionals at Headquarters
  • Important to highlight the actions that are performed for the World Day of Diabetes performed at 800 – 1000 Brazilian cities, following the guidelines and standards of the IDF:
  • Blood glucose test
  • Test cholesterol, glycated hemoglobin, microalbuminuria , proteinuria, creatinine
  • Nutritional assessment with BMI and cardio metabolic risk
  • Evaluation of the feet, mouth, eyes , psychological , physical therapy , physical activity
  • Measurement of blood pressure
  • Walking and jogging
  • Lectures
  • Counseling and referral
  • Distribution of educational materials
  • Disclosure in the media
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