Fundación Diabetes Juvenil de Chile

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The Fundación Diabetes Juvenil de Chile is a non-profit organization established in 1988 by parents of children with diabetes. Their aim is to provide appropriate education and psycho-social support of patients and their relatives, in order to promote perseverance and adherence in treatment and to improve their quality of life. They are supported by a community-based network of volunteers, members, employees, healthcare professionals.

Our value driven culture is committed to proactive service atitude, teamwork, partnership, innovation, excellence, and respect.

Main Focus

  • To help people manage their diabetes effectively by providing information, advice and emotional support
  • Individual and group education for people with diabetes and their families
  • Peer education and support
  • To raise awareness about diabetes
  • To generate educative material and brochures for people that live with diabetes.


Learn more here about activities organised by the Association by visiting their website

  • School of counselors program for volunteers
  • Summer and winter camps for children and teenagers living with type 1 diabetes
  • Hospital visits for newly diagnosed children and teenagers
  • Celebration of holidays and annual events
  • World diabetes Day
  • School visits and workshops for teachers and students.
  • Family meetings for newly diagnose people.
  • Psychological support
  • Workshops and proffesional programs for children with diabetes and their relatives through out the country.

Publications & Newsletters

Message from the President

Mr César Velasco Donoso "Giving support and education to people with diabetes is crucial to accomplish the appropiate living of every child and teenager. Education gives empowerment for those who live everyday with this condition, and it allows them to have a common lifestyle as any other person around the world

We appreciate IDF as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences with other organisations, and to acknowledge common actions for rising awareness for diabetes education and care. It enables us to be informed of the latest news and scientific progress related to diabetes”.

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