Fundación Aprendiendo a Vivir con Diabetes

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Fundación Aprendiendo a Vivir con Diabietes (FUVIDA) was established in 2006. It brings together patients with type 1 diabetes, offering education and continuous treatment. FUVIDA is a centre recognized by hospitals and health centres that send to them newly diagnosed children and young people with diabetes

Main Focus

  • Education
  • Treatment

Message from the President

Dr Aracely Basurto Calderon "As a FUVIDA representative, I feel very honored to receive this prestigious recognition. Being a Member of IDF, and belonging to the SACA region is now for FUVIDA Ecuador, the maximum achievement. Our commitment, dedication, will remain with high standards, with God blessing we will continue working as we are convinced that diabetes is a condition but not a handicap, and that together we will achieve great things. I think diabetes is like a game of chess, diabetes each day moves a piece, and we parents or patients have to move the other.Diabetes is a condition that requires responsibility, discipline, dedication, endurance by training, to improve the quality of life for aging with dignity if you have a good control. Education is the foundation of a healthy life".

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