Fundación Los Fresnos "Casa de la Diabetes"

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Paucarbamba 3-30 y Miguel Cordero
593 Cuenca – Ecuador
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+ 593-72889045 / + 593-988997813
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July 2002
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La Fundación Los Fresnos "Casa de la Diabetes" was established in 2002 and is an organisation for patients and families, who have or are at risk of diabetes.

It aims at supporting and advising people with diabetes and their families in all aspects that can help improve their quality of life by promoting the implementation of education as a process and an essential part of diabetes prevention and treatment.

Main Focus

To improve the quality of life through appropriate care, diabetes education and prevention.


Fundación los Fresnos "Casa de la Diabetes" has the following main activities:

  • Medical Center: Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Nutrition, Ophthalmology, Podiatry and Clinical Lab
  • Diabetes Education
  • Workshops and practical activities
  • Tours and Camps for kids and teenagers with type 1 diabetes
  • Educational project 'What is diabetes' aimed at people with diabetes and general public
  • Training of health professionals
  • Diabetes Education Congress in Ecuador
  • World Diabetes Day: With the participation of the general public, authorities, media.
  • A radio programme called "With Diabetes, it's possible"
  • Creation and distribution of educational material in the diabetes field, but also in diabetes care and treatment
  • Activities to raise diabetes awareness like walks, races, lectures and workshops 

Publications & Newsletters

Fundación Los Fresnos"Casa de la Diabetes" publications can be found here.

Message from the President

Mr Edmundo Molina, President of La Fundación Los Fresnos "Casa de la Diabetes"

"Diabetes, a word that causes fear, distress, and pain in the community’s daily life, a field enabling us to work every day as an organization in order to change this idea and to offer a clear truthful understanding that could be put into practice in the daily life of a patient with diabetes, his family and the community. 

With the support of a group of trained professionals, who develop activities with a common interest but above all, who care for patients and their families' wellbeing with human warmth making treatment and the acceptance of their condition possible.
People with diabetes are a human group full of needs, requiring special treatment and consideration. In Casa de la Diabetes, we strive to welcome this vulnerable group with warmth and reassure them that with diabetes it is possible to have a normal life.
Sharing countless projects, events and activities throughout the past 18 years working with the community and with private, public and political stakeholders has made it possible to prove that adequate education is the key pillar of diabetes treatment, and we should continue to offer it to our patients and to all those benefiting from our services."

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