Diabetes and disasters

Last update: 05/08/2022

People with diabetes need uninterrupted access to medicines and care. They need healthy food and a safe space to exercise. Caring for diabetes becomes even more difficult when a disaster or pandemic strikes. In these difficult circumstances, people with diabetes often struggle to manage their condition and are at increased risk of life-threatening complications. This can be improved by good pre-planning of the response to a disaster.

Natural disasters are common in the Western Pacific region. The IDF Western Pacific Region has developed the “IDF-WPR Natural Disaster Programme” to help ease and save the lives of people with diabetes in the region that are affected by natural disasters. 

IDF WPR disaster guidelines cover 400pxFirst published in 2015, the “Diabetes Care and Disasters - IDF Western Pacific Region" manual identifies means to reduce the negative impact of natural disasters and promotes the sharing of knowledge to help individuals, communities and countries increase their resilience to natural disasters. The second edition (2022) is now available and includes substantial updates informed by recent disaster experience learnings.

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