Travis Frans

Africa South Africa

YLD Trainee 2020-2021

Before the diagnosis I was oblivious of what diabetes truly is, only knowing what one was taught in school, which wasn’t a lot. My grandfather from my mother's side of the family and my grandmother on my father’s side, both had diabetes which led to their deaths. I was born and raised in East London, South Africa, but moved to Port Elizabeth to complete my tertiary education. It was during my second year of studies when I received the news of the diagnosis and was placed on medication; I had neither a support system nor guidance to take the next step in managing my diabetes. In 2017, I decided to educate myself about the conditon and developed a healthy lifestyle that included a healthy and nutritional eating habit and exercise. After 2 years of living this lifestyle I no longer need to take the medication. I joined this program to learn more, so that I may be the support system and help guide anyone living with this disease to manage it the best they can.

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