Awareness about childhood diabetes, challenges in its management in Bangladesh

Last update: 19/02/2020
This project is no longer ongoing.
Tazul Munshi - Bangladesh

A majority of children and youths with diabetes in Bangladesh come from a very low socio-economic background. The Bangladesh Diabetes Association (BADAS) provides them with appropriate diabetes treatment, through its numerous centres and its project Changing Diabetes in Children Program (CDiC). However, many people with diabetes are unable to follow the programme. Tazul’s priorities will be to contact them and find out the main challenges they are facing in their diabetes management and provide them with proper awareness, education and motivation to overcome those challenges.

Since the beginning of the year, CDiC has organised an awareness and education meeting for people with diabetes and their parents to encourage and inspire them to use insulin pumps.

Tazul has dedicated the summer of 2018 to finding volunteers to help him with his project and meeting with them to organise the months to come. In September, Tazul and the other volunteers met with CDiC in order to discuss more joint activities and especially financial support, which is needed to keep the project going.

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Meeting with CDiC

Starting execution date: July 21, 2018

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