Diabetes Camp Together

Last update: 19/02/2020
This project is no longer ongoing.
Klara Pickova - Czech Republic

Diabetes Camp Together is a four-day diabetes camp for adults with diabetes and their partners, which focuses on everyday management of diabetes, coping strategies, the psychological impact of diabetes on the partners of people with diabetes, and hypoglycaemia management. During the camp, there will be various sports activities including guidance on how to adjust treatment during exercise. There will also be workshops on hypoglycaemia (including practical training on glucagon administration), diabetes technology – continuous sensors, alarm fatigue, insulin pump FAQ, nutrition and meal management with diabetes.

The first camp took place in May/June 2018. After the event, more than half the participants expressed less anxiety and concern about diabetes management than they had before, and more than half the participants' partners said they felt better equipped to give support when needed.

The second diabetes camp was held during September 2018. Feedback again showed improved diabetes management by the participants but also improved skills in key areas such as flexible treatment, sports, travel, nutrition and the use of technologies. 

The two camps were featured in the national diabetes patients magazine DIAstyl in the Czech Republic, showing how successful these camps had been. The article also discussed what the camps have achieved both for the camp participants and for the whole community of people living with diabetes. You can access the article in Czech here.

Starting execution date: April 18, 2018

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