Diabetes India Youth in Action (DIYA) leadership Camps

Last update: 19/02/2020
This project is no longer ongoing.
Apoorva Gomber - India

This project was given the first position of the YLD Prize Programme 2019, which awards the three best projects developed during a YLD term. 

DIYA will be an exclusive type 1 diabetes directed leadership camp which will be the first of its kind in India. The DIYA camps will gather two groups of people living with type 1 diabetes according to their age. The camps will focus on creating awareness and advocating for type 1 diabetes using a team-based approach. The camps will involve two-way talks in the form of workshops/talk sessions on various topics related to diabetes management and lifestyle modification. Campers will meet other people who share a personal understanding of the challenges that come from living with diabetes. The camps will provide the opportunity for people living with type 1 diabetes to connect with friends who truly understand them, build self-confidence, develop lifelong skills and learn how to manage their diabetes independently.

On the 1st of April, the DIYA team organised a community spring picnic for people living with type 1 diabetes. The activities undertaken aimed at fostering team building, participation and social bonding. In an informal and friendly environment, the younger participants were encouraged to forget about taboos and share their questions and doubts about their lives with diabetes.

Apoorva Picnic 1  

Apoorva Picnic 2

T1D spring picnic activity
More pictures of this activity are available here.

In May, Apoorva organised carb-counting workshops for people interested in registering for DIYA camps. With the help of a nutritionist, she promoted healthy diatery habits for better diabetes management to fifty participants.

 Apoorva Carb 1   Apoorva Carb 2 

Carb-counting workshop

On the 5th of August, Apoorva conducted diabetes screenings in local villages. A total of 100 people were screened, and 5 of them were diagnosed as living with diabetes. In October, Apoorva approached about 10 schools with the hope of educating children and creating awareness about type 1 diabetes. She encouraged them to register new people with type 1 diabetes to attend DIYA camps. A DIYA camp is scheduled for November or December.

Starting execution date: April 5, 2018

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