YLD Regional Action Plan - Middle East and North Africa

In MENA, YLDs have identified the lack of education and prevention as key issues, alongside inadequate healthcare systems and rising treatment costs.

MENA’s Regional Action Plan aims at strengthening the bonds between various youths living with diabetes to be able to raise a strong, united and unique voice in diabetes’ advocacy in the region.

The plan’s main activity is the T1D regional youth programme: Beta Adventures. This programme will gather young people aged 16/21 living with type 1 diabetes and empower them to go on an adventure. During this adventure, participants will receive educational talks and enjoy all kinds of activities.

The adventure’s ultimate purpose is to make the participants realise that they can achieve anything they set their mind to, and that diabetes should not prevent them to live their lives as others do. YLDs expect to have at least one member from every MENA member association attend the initiative, to have full representation across the region.

The first adventure is scheduled for the end of November and is a four-day camping trip in Saudi Arabia. During the camp, participants will receive training on how to set up tents, and enjoy outdoor activities such as rock climbing and building campfires. Volunteer doctors and medical students will accompany the group and will carry a complete diabetes kit to ensure everyone’s safety throughout the trip. Doctors will also lead educational sessions on diabetes management, with a focus on the importance of regular physical activity. Every night, participants will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, engage in debate and simply bond with each other in a safe environment, around a campfire.

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