YLD Regional Action Plan - North America and Caribbean

The key challenge affecting the North America and Caribbean region is diabetes prevention and management. Diabetes education is very uneven from country to country, and so is accessibility and affordability of treatment and testing material. As a result, not all people with diabetes are able to maintain optimally blood sugar levels, thereby being at risk of potentially-fatal complications.

The NAC region’s Young Leaders have thus decided to dedicate their Regional Action Plan to a social media campaign with a particular focus on glucose management. The YLD members all agree that most people in their countries have very little knowledge about the importance of regular checking and self-monitoring of blood glucose levels, and that this is worsened by the lack and high cost of test strips.

To face this issue, they will try to raise awareness on this topic through different media. The "GLU-CAUSE Campaign" will include radio talks, presence in the newspapers and on TV, posts on social media, etc. The members hope to reach a large number of people through the use of diverse media. The project is scheduled to begin in February 2019.

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