YLD Regional Action Plan - Western Pacific

WP’s YLD candidates see education as the region’s main challenge. The lack of education, the myths and stereotypes that surround diabetes and the disease’s negative image contribute to discrimination, poor diabetes management and inadequate funding of diabetes treatment and prevention.

Additionally, while this may vary slightly from country to country, it is uncommon in the region for people to share details of their medical condition with others. This also contributes to the public’s low understanding and knowledge of diabetes.

To address these challenges, WP YLDs have decided to launch an online YouTube channel to educate the public about diabetes and dispel the myths that surrounds it. The videos and graphics that will be published online will not require prior knowledge and will be culturally adapted. They will be in the hand-drawing style, a popular video-recording concept which is often used to explain complicated topics in an interactive, simple and accessible way.

Each YLD will take the lead of the project for one month, during which he/she will prepare, record and upload to both YouTube and Facebook a video dispelling one myth and providing information on a diabetes-related topic. Examples of topics include the frequency of insulin injections, food restrictions, blood sugar level monitoring and physical activities.

First video: Do I really need insulin?


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