In the race for a glittering prize – Team Type 1 hits the road

Many people are shocked when I say that my diabetes is a gift – or that I would not take a cure if it were offered to me. But that is the truth. Diabetes is my life; I would not trade it for the world. Because of diabetes, I am healthier today than I would have been without the disease.
Because of diabetes I live an incredible life – beyond my dreams – as the founder and chief executive officer of Team Type 1, a USA-based professional cycling team. Because of diabetes, I am able to play a part in helping to make life better for millions of people around the world. At Team Type 1, our goal is to show people that not only can people live their dreams with diabetes, but that diabetes combined with the resources and diligence it takes to manage the condition properly can be a path to achieving success in all aspects of life.