IDF Europe - Who we work with

Together we are stronger

IDF Europe seeks to partner with responsible corporations, foundations or public entities to advance its mission to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure in Europe and worldwide.

IDF Europe receives funding from a number of different sources and projects as outlined here.

These essential partnerships are made in complete transparency and respect the independence of IDF Europe as a Federation. For this reason, our partners agree to work with us respecting our Guiding Principles. You can download the document here.

Meet our Partners

IDF Europe Corporate Partners are engaged in long-term multi-faceted partnerships with the Federation. They support IDF Europe's activities and specific programmes focusing on diabetes awareness, prevention, education and more.








Become a partner of IDF Europe

IDF Europe continues to identify new entities interested in developing common projects or supporting existing activities for the benefit of people living with diabetes in Europe. Click here to read our document 'Becoming a Partner', which will give you more information about partnering with IDF Europe and the accompanying benefits for our Federation, your entity and people living with diabetes across Europe.

For more information about corporate partnership, contact Stella de Sabata, IDF Europe Regional Manager, at [email protected]