Diabetes Youth Advocates Europe

Diabetes Youth Advocates Europe - DYA Europe is a community of young people with diabetes from across Europe who have come together to leverage knowledge and experience to support people with type 1 diabetes.

The creation of the community stemmed from the 2014 IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp, during which participants identified the need to set up a network of youth diabetes advocates across Europe. DYA Europe is led by a group of 4 youth advocates:

  • Christopher Barbara (Malta)
  • Matthijs Graner (The Netherlands)
  • Jaivir Pall (UK)
  • Daniel Vegh (Hungary)

To download the contact list of all the DYA Europe members, click here.

You can also follow DYA Europe on Facebook and Twitter.

Main objectives of DYA Europe:

1.    Build a community of young people living with diabetes
2.    Provide information and support to this community
3.    Support policy makers and leaders of associations in developing a good care scenario and positive environment for people with diabetes
4.    Use the community to further research and advocacy at a local and national levels
5.    Provide the community with guidance on developing activities and support structures for people with diabetes

We will be providing with updates on the projects and initiatives led by DYA Europe, as the community grows.

Project #Special1s

Project #Special1s is the first campaign led by youth advocates of DYA Europe.

The aim of the #Special1s initiative is to show the range of emotions and challenges people with diabetes face, as well as showing young people with diabetes that there is a community that is there to support them and help them become advocates for diabetes. #Special1s represents the fact that people with diabetes are special because of their experiences and challenges overcome.

The video represents 400 years of diabetes experience, 24 people, 22 countries and one collective voice calling for change.

If you are interested in joining the DYA Europe community, contact [email protected]

You can also follow the conversation on Twitter with #Special1s.