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Health for all and all for health: A call for Universal Health Coverage everywhere in Europe

Brussels 12 December 2016

Today in Europe many people with diabetes are financially struggling to access essential medicines for their therapy. IDF Europe calls for Universal Health Coverage everywhere in the continent.

Human Rights Day 2016

Brussels 10 December 2016 Too many people with diabetes in Europe suffer discrimination because of their condition. On Human Rights Day, and every day, we should stand up for their rights!

New Scientific Publication on Diabetes in Greece

We are happy to share with you a scientific article which has been recently published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, an official journal of IDF. 

Title: The prevalence and treatment patterns of diabetes in the Greek population based on real-world data from the nation-wide prescription database

Shoqata E Diabetit Në Shqipëri (Albanian Diabetes Association), #dedoc (Germany) and Dr Michael Gejl Jensen (Denmark) are the winners of 2016 IDF Europe Prizes in Diabetes

Brussels 28 November 2016 Diabetes is a major threat to Europe. IDF Europe celebrates people and organizations making a difference in Europe in the fight against the condition through the annual IDF Europe Prizes in Diabetes.

eUrMOVE Challenge – mission accomplished!

The goal of reaching 525,600 active minutes, corresponding to the number of minutes in the year 2016, has been overachieved!

Details will follow soon, as we complete reviewing the latest entries.

Activities ranged from walking, judo, volleyball, golf, rugby, climbing, olive-picking, seabed cleaning, rowing, waterpolo, cycling, horseback riding, soccer, gymnastics, parcours, tennis, swimming, running (from jogging to marathons), gardening …

Many thanks to all participants, individually and as teams, who made this happen!

World Diabetes Day 2016: The complexity of diabetes and its complications

Brussels 14 November 2016 Diabetes is a complex condition, often undiagnosed, requiring early detection and proper management to avoid complications.  The theme of World Diabetes Day 2016 is “Eyes on Diabetes”, with a focus on promoting the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications.

Last year, 627.000 adults died of diabetes in Europe.

Last year, 145 billion Euros was spent on direct costs to treat diabetes; with indirect costs are added, this figure would treble.

Urbanisation and diabetes: A road to disaster

Brussels 31 October 2016 The pandemic of type 2 diabetes has strong connections with rapid urbanisation around the world. Urban planning must be re-though to build healthier and more liveable cities.

Urbanisation and diabetes: a deadly combination

United Nations Day: Nations must be united in the fight against diabetes

Nations must be united in the fight against diabetes

Brussels 24 October 2016, United Nations Day.

Nations worldwide face a major but preventable pandemic: diabetes. They must unite to fight this debilitating condition. This is the mission of IDF Europe in our Continent.

Nations are at risk

IDF Europe Newsletter - October 2016

We are pleased to share this year's third Newsletter, which you can download here.
In this issue: 6th Youth Leadership Camp, IDF Europe Symposium at EASD 2016, IDF Europe Prizes, preparations for World Diabetes Day, EU Affairs and more.

World Sight Day - ​Diabetes and retinopathy: an international emergency

Brussels, 13 October 2016 World Sight Day

Diabetes and retinopathy: an international emergency