IDF Members in the European Region

IDF Europe would not exist without its members. National diabetes associations and their continuous work to raise awareness on diabetes are at the heart of our Federation.

IDF Europe is proud to represent a wide and diverse multicultural network of 70 national diabetes associations that are present in 47 countries all across Europe. All these associations represent people living with diabetes, healthcare professionals, researchers and educational institutions.

Click here to see the full list of IDF members in the European Region.
Here is a map showing the activities of our members as an example of concerted efforts on World Health Day (WHD) 2016.

How we support our members

As a Federation, IDF Europe has two objectives towards its members. The first one is to voice their needs and represent their interest at European level. The second is to support them in their development and activities at national level. 

Support activities for our Members include:

  • Regional Council and Together Everyone Achieves More Meetings and Training Sessions
  • Support for sub-regional meetings: Nordic Diabetes Forum, Central European Countries Meetings, Eastern European Countries Meetings,
  • IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp
  • Staff Exchange Programme
  • Small grants for organizational development

For more information on sub-regional meetings and small organizational grants, contact Lala Rabemananjara at [email protected]

IDF Europe also provides its members with:

  • Policy support: European Union or Council of Europe recommendations regarding areas which impact diabetes
  • Direct counsel and advice
  • Sharing of information and best practices in diabetes
  • Support for participation in scientific events
  • Resources such as IDF Europe website, quarterly newsletters, monthly News Updates
  • Surveys and research such as the Policy Puzzle

How to become a member of IDF

A national or pan-European association that is addressing issues relating to diabetes and associated conditions can apply for membership of IDF.

All applicants must fulfill certain criteria. These criteria are divided into Primary criteria (minimum requirements for membership – if not met, the application will not be accepted) and Secondary criteria (desirable criteria which applicants would ideally meet).

For more information about the membership application procedure, click here.