IDF Europe - Press release archive

Lack of implementation of policies leaves Europe losing the battle against diabetes 14.11.2014
Polish Diabetes Association receives 2014 IDF Europe Prize in Diabetes for relentless efforts to improve the lives of people with diabetes 05.11.2014
Portuguese researcher studying cellular and molecular biology of diabetes wins 2014 IDF Europe Prize in Diabetes 05.11.2014
International Women's Day: obesity, smoking and sedentary lifestyles put women at high risk of diabetes (joint press release with European Institute of Women's Health) 07.03.2014
High number of people with diabetes in Europe receiving inadequate care 13.11.2013
Pioneer in therapeutic patient education, Professor Jean-Philippe Assal, wins 2013 IDF Europe Prize in Diabetes for Long-Standing Achievement 13.11.2013
Researcher studying biological factors of blood glucose variability wins 2013 IDF Europe Prize in Diabetes for Young Researcher 13.11.2013
100 cyclists to bike 2,100 km from Brussels to Barcelona to raise awareness of diabetes as part of the mHealth Grand Tour 05.09.2013
European Comission proposal for a Regulation on Medical Devices: IDF Europe calls for patient safety and highest quality of care 26.03.2013
European research consortium initiates clinical trial using innovative eye drop treatment to combat diabetic retinopathy 05.02.2013
APDP receives IDF Europe Prize in Diabetes in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the diabetes community 14.11.2012
Rising tide of diabetes in Europe reinforces need for prevention and education 14.11.2012
Hungarian decree on diabetes causes concern 04.05.2012
European Parliament adopts crucial diabetes resolution calling on the Commission and Member States to address the growing diabetes epidemic 16.03.2012
IDF launches a pan-European travel insurance policy for people living with diabetes 20.01.2012
Youth Leaders call European Parliament to account 16.11.2011
Not enough progress has been made in Europe: 3rd edition of Diabetes Policy Puzzle 15.11.2011
Europe's children top global diabetes stakes 14.11.2011
IDF Europe celebrates World Diabetes Day at the Council of Europe 10.11.2011
IDF Europe President Chris J Delicata wins the European Citizens Award 2011 29.07.2011
Millions unite to raise awareness on diabetes around the world 12.11.2010
IDF Europe and Members of the European Parliament urge the European Commission and Member States to address the diabetes epidemic in Europe 10.11.2010
Heart, kidney, diabetes and cancer MEP groups unite against chronic disease to seek European commitment 05.10.2010
Athletes back better schools for children with diabetes 19.12.2008