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The formation of Certified Diabetes Educators has the goal of training the health team with a pedagogical purpose based on the education of fundamental basic concepts and skills on diabetes education.      

The education process incorporates the desires, motivations, objectives and life experiences of a person with diabetes and is guided by Standards based on the evidence (based on International Curriculum of IDF). Educators primary objective are based on the basis of a correct decision-making, attitudes of self-care and the solving of problems and in an active collaboration with the health team and consequent improvement of the state of health and the quality of life.

The certification is a way to guarantee to the users of the health services that the professional who will take care of them has the knowledge and the necessary experience to support them recuperate and/or to maintain a good health condition.

The Argentinian Diabetes Society, as a leader scientific institution with tradition in education, has formation and training programmes and contributes to the national health system by preparing professionals in the education of people with diabetes.

Title of course

Course of Certified Diabetes Educators

Brief description of the course:

400 h Theoretical course:

  • 200h bi-monthly face-to-face obligatory course for 6 months.
  • 150h Semi-attendance (material of self formation, questionnaires of self evaluation, seminaries and tutor position)
  • Fieldwork under supervision of direct person in charge.
  • Live Experience in a Camp with patients during 4 days.

Target participants:  

 Health professionals and health workers.

Qualification gained on successful completion of the course:

Certified Diabetes Educator
Requirements for entry into course:

Experience in education of people with diabetes of at least 2 years. Additionally, participants should be currently working in a diabetes service (Hospital, Primary Care Center, etc)

Course outline

Profile of the course and schedules

The course has three great thematic axis; “Medical axis”, “Didactic-Pedagogical Axis” and “Social and Cultural Axis”. They are traversed by a Transverse Axis that is the “Patient as Protagonist”, center of all process of learning in the treatment of its own disease.

The three areas will be approached at the same time following a common connector (the community, with focus from the clinical, pedagogical and sociocultural areas.)


When finalizing this course the student will be able:

  • To have capacity of answer to epidemic of diabetes and improve the accessibility to high quality education provided by an interdisciplinary team.
  • Use of educative communication and the value of the therapeutic message.
  • To act on the modifiable risk factors through education.
  • To recreate didactic-pedagogical strategies based on the improvement of the planning of education-learning processes.
  • To detect individual learning cognitive strategies for each patient.
  • To include/understand the function of the education and its place in the therapeutic process
  • To recognize the role of non verbal communication.
  • To be aware of the aspects that improves the quality of attention of the person with diabetes.
  • To create means of dissemination of knowledge on the care of the diabetes, the treatment (education in diet, exercise, monitoring, insulin and oral drugs) and prevention and on the treatment of acute and chronic complications.
  • To implement didactic strategies and pedagogical methodology oriented to each modality of education activity based on Diabetes Education Projects (Standards of IDF).
  • To implement different learning evaluation instruments in diabetes
  • education according to the educative moments and to the components of the planning of the education-learning process.
  • To know and to value the importance of the culture in the health-disease process.
  • To analyze and to include/understand the behavior of patients and the explanatory models of disease and treatment.
  • To use the necessary tools and consultations for the analysis and modifications of the mentioned aspects.


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