Become a Blue Circle Voice

The Blue Circle Voices is a network open to all people with diabetes or relatives/carers of people with diabetes, that are passionate about improving the lives of people with diabetes, have experience as volunteers and/or advocates and share IDF values. To become part of the BCV, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  1. Have diabetes (type 1, type 2 or a less common type), have a child, close relative or loved one with diabetes, or have a history of gestational diabetes, AND
  2. Share IDF’s mission to promote access to diabetes care, to fight discrimination against people with diabetes and to promote prevention of type 2 diabetes, AND
  3. Are willing to complete an application form that provides details of their personal history with diabetes, including age, date of diagnosis, medications and comorbidities, AND
  4. Are able and willing to communicate by email in written English, French or Spanish, AND
  5. Are committed to respond to email consultations within five working days, AND
  6. Can prove their experience of campaigning for diabetes causes in their own country, AND
  7. Are willing for their story to be featured on the IDF website, AND
  8. Are committed to promote IDF activities at national or global level

You can find more information about the network and its objectives here.

The BCV network is currently looking to engage people with type 2 diabetes and people that experience diabetes-related complications.

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