They signed the pledge

They have signed the Diabetes Pledge!

The role of Members of Parliaments at the National and European level is crucial to develop and implement policies to support the prevention of diabetes and its complications and improve the care and lives of people with diabetes in Europe. The following persons have already signed the Diabetes Pledge:

Stella Kyriakides (Cyprus)

MP 2016-

Roula Mavronicola (Cyprus)

MP 2006 -


Nicos Nouris (Cyprus)

MP 2013 -


Bendt Bendtsen (Denmark)

MEP 2009-

Pledge Statement

Sirpa Pietikäinen (Finland)

                          MEP 2008-

                     Pledge Statement


              Nathalie Griesbeck (France)

                        MEP 2004 - 

                    Pledge Statement


Sean Kelly (Ireland)

                          MEP 2009 - 



Therese Comodini Cachia (Malta)

MEP 2014 -

Boris Golovin (Moldovia)

MP 2014 -

Sveinung Stensland (Norway)

MP 2013 -

Czeslaw Czechyra (Poland)

MP 2007 - 2015

Ricardo Baptista Leite (Portugal)

MP 2011-

Pledge Statement 

Teresa Caeiro (Portugal)

MP 2005 -

Marisa Matias (Portugal)

MEP 2009 - 


Adrian Sanders (United Kingdom)

MP 1997 - 2015



Keith Vaz (United Kingdom)

MP 1987 - 

Join IDF Europe and its 70 national Member associations in 47 European countries in our effort to prevent diabetes and provide a better life for people living with the disease in Europe. Sign the Diabetes Pledge, available in seven languages, send it back to us by email ([email protected]). We will then contact you to discuss the most fruitful way(s) to collaborate and support diabetes in your country.  


 For more information, please contact us [email protected]


We look forward to your engagement in IMPACT diabetes!