Our values:

Honesty: we will be truthful, deliver on our promises and remain willing to be held into account. We will maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of others.

Compassion: we will act with empathy and without prejudice, appreciating the plight of others, and drive by our empathy to action.

Integrity:we will uphold our code of ethics, maintain a high standard of personal conduct and embed our values in our organisational policies, procedures and behaviour.

Solidarity: we will support one another within the global diabetes community since solidarity is the founding principle of our Federation. We value and seek strategic alliances.

Creativity: we will stay flexible, seek innovative and alternative ideas, be willing to challenge conventional wisdom and seize opportunities as they arise.

Cultural sensitivity: we will respect and value all cultures and acknowledge the human rights of all people. Diabetes does not distinguish between cultures and neither will we.

Collaboration: we will encourage open dialogue and freedom of expression. Collaboration is our operating style. We will lead the diabetes world without being arrogant.

Embracing risk: we will be audacious, dare to be different, set ourselves ambitious targets and embrace risk whilst safeguarding our organisation.

Independence: we will maintain our independence and not be beholden to any other party.

Humility: we will give credit to others, never forgetting that all we do is for the benefit of people with diabetes. We will accept and learn from our errors.