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Wintec’s Centre for Health and Social Practice provides inter-professional learning, the teaching, research and external engagement opportunities results in innovative, leading edge position for Wintec in regard to the interface between education and health sectors. Wintec works in partnership with The Waikato Diabetes Service to provide formal programmes of education for nurses working with people with diabetes.

The Waikato Regional Diabetes Service is a specialist unit of the Waikato District Health Board. There are currently approximately 19,000 people with diabetes in this region which is a geographically large rural area surrounding Hamilton city. The Diabetes Service provides care and management at a secondary care level, Type 1 diabetes, pregnancy, specialist podiatry, Inpatient services at Waikato Hospital. In addition service supports primary care / general Practice with Nurse Specialists to mentor / coach staff as well as providing expert consultations for patients throughout the region.


Course description

Title of course: Advanced diabetes nursing practice

Programme duration

One Semester – 15 Weeks


The objective of this module is to enable Registered Nurses to advance their knowledge and skills in diabetes nursing practice. The module fosters an approach to learning that supports critical inquiry and clinical reasoning in the specialty practice of diabetes nursing in partnership with people and their whānau, families and communities. Students will explore issues in the clinical management of diabetes using theoretical and evidence-based perspectives, and develop specialty nursing care strategies to meet the challenges within the New Zealand health care environment.

Course outline

Clinical assessment (population):

Explore the socio-economic patterns of health and illness that contribute to diabetes.

Clinical assessment (individual):

Nurse will demonstrate proficient/specialty nursing knowledge of assessment, continuing care and management plan, evaluation and referrals in diabetes care.

• Clinical (pathophysiology):

Critically examines pathophysiology, and advances in diabetes diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

• Clinical (education):

Develop educational strategies with clients, families/whanau and communities promoting self-management of diabetes and healthy life style.

• Leadership and management (research/quality):

Explores evidence based research to inform diabetes nursing practice development.

• Leadership and management (ethics):

Critically examines legal, ethical and professional responsibilities in proficient/specialty Diabetes

Qualification gained on successful completion of the course:

New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) Level 8, 30 credits as a Certificate of Proficiency or credited to a relevant Postgraduate qualification.

Eligibility criteria (if any)

Registered health professional employed for a minimum of 16 hours per week.

Current Practising Certificate

Additional activities

The programme, informed by the New Zealand National Diabetes Nursing Knowledge and Skills Frame­work (2009), provides the health professional with an increased blend of knowledge and skills required to competently and confidently plan care for a person with diabetes / cardiovascular disease and provide specialty care to people with high risk and socially complex needs.  Health professionals will develop critical thinking to enable specialty practice through the exploration of problem-based learning, evidenced-based theory, and reflective and reflexive practice perspectives.

Snell, H. (2009). National diabetes nursing knowledge and skills framework. Palmerston North: Midcentral District Health Board.

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