Call for nominations

Last update: 01/04/2022

The International Diabetes Federation is seeking the nomination of members for its Board of Directors 2023-2025.

The elections will be held at the IDF General Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal, on 5 December 2022.

IDF is an expanding global organisation engaged in the development of innovative and cost-effective programmes aimed at improving the lives of people with diabetes and reducing the serious impact of the condition on across the world. The Federation seeks inspirational leaders from diverse cultures and settings, with exceptional dedication and proven leadership skills.

The IDF Nominating Committee selects candidates for the IDF Board of Directors from the following profiles:

  • Individuals living with or affected by diabetes
  • Health professionals and physicians active in the diabetes field
  • Other health professionals and prominent individuals outside the health sector
  • Other individuals who display a serious commitment to improving the lives and defending the rights of people with diabetes around the world.

Nominations are required for the following positions:

  • President-Elect - 1 vacancy
  • Vice-Presidents without portfolio - 6 vacancies
  • Vice-President Finance - 1 vacancy
  • Vice-President Strategic Governance - 1 vacancy
  • Members of the Nominating Committee - 4 vacancies

Criteria for selection

The IDF Nominating Committee will ensure that each candidate fulfills all three of the overarching criteria set out below and that they can demonstrate solid training and experience in at least one of the required skill sets. It will also ensure that the roster of candidates offers a wide geographic base and good gender balance.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, the IDF Board comprises of Members falling into the five categories set out below, in addition to the President, President-Elect and Regional Chairs.

Candidates standing for one of the Vice-President (VP) or other roles will be required to identify the category of Board Membership they wish to be considered for:

• Physician
• Healthcare Professional
• Non-healthcare professional (‘lay’)
• VP Finance
• VP Governance

The criteria set out below should be read in conjunction with the IDF Articles of Association and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  1. All candidates must demonstrate a well-established interest in diabetes at a professional and/or a personal level, with solid evidence of sustained engagement with diabetes activism in their country.

  2. All candidates must demonstrate the ability and commitment to make time available for their Board duties. This would require at least three full weekends per year and at least 3 days per month for participation in virtual meetings and review and preparation of materials. In addition, candidates should confirm access to adequate broadband internet coverage in their home or workplace to take part in virtual meetings.

  3. All candidates must demonstrate a reasonable level of international engagement in diabetes, within a well-established international network.

Skill Sets (all nominees and for each category)

General skills

In addition to the overarching criteria, candidates wishing to be nominated for any of the categories should provide evidence of skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Advocacy - direct engagement in national diabetes advocacy campaigns.
  • Communications - paper or web-based publishing.
  • Research - active engagement in academic research published in high impact international journals.
  • Teaching - active engagement in professional and tertiary (post-secondary) education in the past 5-10 years.
  • Ethics - active engagement in ethics and professional conduct committees for practice in the business, medical or non-medical domain or medical or social care research through management of submissions or service on review panels.

Such skills may be professional or developed through volunteer work in diabetes. Such skills should have been exercised either at a high level of national engagement or internationally.

Medical & scientific skills

Candidates wishing to nominate for the Vice-President without portfolio in the Physician or Healthcare Professional category must demonstrate at least 10 years of direct engagement in diabetes care, research and education, with a significant proportion of that engagement having taken place in the past 5 years.

Financial management skills

Candidates wishing to nominate for the Vice-President Finance position must provide evidence that they have professional accounting qualifications and developed skills in financial management, possibly through high-level corporate employment.

Governance skills

Candidates wishing to nominate for the Vice-President Strategic Governance position must provide evidence that they have professional qualifications and developed skills in governance, ideally with a professional qualification in law or well-established skills in corporate governance and the legal requirements of the management of not-for-profit organisations.

Language skills

All candidates must be able to communicate in English.

Nomination process

Self-nomination is not permitted.

All candidates must be recommended by at least:

  • Five nominating members*, for the President-Elect position
  • Three nominating members*, for all other positions

*A nominating member refers to a member of an IDF national member association.

An individual may be nominated for more than one position, but can only be elected to one position. However, candidates can only stand for one Vice-President postion (with or without portfolio).

  1. Each nominating member must send a completed Recommendation for Nomination form to the IDF Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Recommendations received through other channels will not be taken into consideration. No other document is required. 

  2. Once the Recommendation for Nomination form is received, the IDF Secretary will contact the nominee and send them the application form. Each candidate must complete and return the form with all required documents (short CV, letter of motivation and passport size photograph) to the IDF Secretary. Application forms received through other channels will not be taken into consideration.

  3. Nominees are not considered official candidates until the release of the official list and therefore must not campaign for support until the list has been released.

All nominations received by the Nominating Committee will be kept confidential.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 15 June 2022.

All enquires regarding the nomination process can be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will be forwarded to the attention of the Nominating Committee.

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