All the YLD Candidates for the 2018-2019 must develop a diabetes-focused project, that responds to the needs of people with diabetes in their communities. The projects must be developed with the guidance and support of the IDF Member that nominated the YLD Candidates.

The YLD Candidates will have to report on their projects every quarter. An overview of the YLD individual projects will be posted in this website shortly.

YLD Prize Programme

To incentivize the development of interesting and ambitious YLD projects, IDF launched in March 2018 the YLD Prize Programme, which will reward the three best national projects developed by YLD Candidates over the 2018-2019 term.

The prize reward will include the funding of the winners' attendance at the YLD Leadership Training Summit in Busan. You can read more details about the YLD Prize Programme in the terms and conditions document.




IDF provides the YLD members with continued online education on a variety of key diabetes topics (education, awareness, advocacy, etc) in the form of regular webinars.

Below is the list of webinars for the YLD term 2018-2019 that have taken place so far. You can download the recording and slides of most of the webinars, with the exception of those focused on the YLD Programme - which can only be accesed by YLD members in the YLD Forum.

  • 11 May 2018 : Webinar on Advocacy: Tactics and Messaging (slides recording)
  • 8 May 2018: Webinar on Diabetes and Ramadan (slides / recording)
  • 30 April 2018: Webinar on Becoming a Diabetes Advocate in the run-up to the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs (slides / recording)
  • 27 April 2018: Webinar on YLD Regional Action Plans (recording and slides available in the YLD Forum)
  • 16 April 2018: Webinar on IDF on Social Media (slides / recording)
  • 9 March 2018: Webinar on Diabetes Leadership Camps (slides / recording)
  • 23 February 2018: Webinar on YLD project reporting (recording and slides available in the YLD Forum)
  • 17 November 2018: Webinar on the YLD Leadership Training Summit in Abu Dhabi (recording and slides available in the YLD Forum)


The second BCV consultation took place in June 2017. This consultation focused on the barriers to access to diabetes care, medicines and supplies. Some 70 BCV members participated in this consultation.

To read more about the barriers to access diabetes care, you can download the highlights report.

highlights second BCV report


The YLD newsletter compiles the initiatives that the YLD members develop in their respective countries, as well as news from IDF and joint activities between the YLD members and IDF. It is published every two months in English. 

If you want to subscribe to the YLD newsletter mailing list, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., indicating your name and country of origin.


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January 2018

March 2018



YLD newsletter cover October    

October 2017



In December 2016, IDF held a consultation with the Blue Circle Voices (BCV) network with the objective of establishing the priorities of the network. Some 82 participants from 43 different countries responded to the survey.

The main issue identified by the BCV members was access and affordability of medicines, devices and medical care, followed by education, prevention and finally discrimination.

BCV consultation cover 400px

   perspectives BCV

Learn more about the priorities of the BCV network by downloading the highlights report (pdf, 7MB).

  You can also download our summary document Perspectives of People with Diabetes (English / Français / Español)




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