Women with GDM share their experience in India

The WINGS project ‘Testimonials’ section features stories from women diagnosed with GDM in India and how they manage their condition.


Testimonial Nr.1

Mrs Parimala, diagnosed with GDM during the third month of her second pregnancy:

"I have a three-year-old child and I am currently seven months pregnant. I did not have high blood glucose levels during my first pregnancy, and back then I was not aware about GDM. Now I am aware about this condition and related complication.

I did feel sad when I first heard about my condition. My Doctor informed me that the blood glucose levels will be back to normal after delivery though in some cases they continue to be high even after delivery. Also I may have to undergo a c-section during delivery.


I was advised to follow a diet - restrict sugar and carbohydrates, eat more wheat products; and to exercise. Besides, my mother-in-law has diabetes so it is easy for me to follow the diet for GDM. My only worry is that since I am on diet restrictions, the baby may not get sufficient nutrients for its growth.

I feel relaxed to tell others that I have GDM. Many people in my area have similar problems. I sometimes get advice from other people with diabetes about diet and I am receiving support from everyone I know. Also, I am willing to support with all information I can should someone come to me for an advice.”

Testimonial Nr.2

Mrs Veerammal, diagnosed with GDM at the seventh month of her third pregnancy:

"My blood glucose levels were regularly monitored and they were normal until the diagnosis. At first I felt very sad. Nobody in my family has diabetes.
So why me?

I often felt tired, dizzy and not able to do my day to day activities. The Doctor told me that the blood sugar levels should be back to normal after delivery while in some cases they may continue to be high. At that time I was not informed about any possible complications or risks. They told me that the baby will be fine. I was only recommended to follow a strict diet.

Everyone around me was aware of my condition. But the mistake was mine. I was not able to follow proper diet during my pregnancy as I could not prepare food separately only for me.

Luckily, the delivery was normal and my baby was born without any complications.

Now I often feel very weak and tired due to my high blood sugar levels. I do regret for not following the Doctor’s advice from the beginning.”

Testimonial Nr.3

Mrs Raziya, diagnosed with GDM at nineteen weeks of gestation:

“When I was diagnosed with GDM, I was very worried about my child developing diabetes. I am now following a meal plan prescribed by the Doctor and my sugar levels are well under control. It is sometimes very difficult to follow the advice as most of the times I feel hungry soon after having the meal. Luckily, my husband is very strict about me following the diet plan. He is the only person who really supports me.”


Testimonial Nr.4

Mrs Dhanyapriya, diagnosed with GDM at eight weeks of pregnancy:

“When I was eight weeks pregnant, the Doctor told me that my blood sugar levels are too high. First I felt fear. But after consulting my new Dietician and Diabetologist I gained confidence.

I am now following a meal plan and engaging in physical activity. Both my husband and mother-in-law support me in following my diet plan. My Doctor advised me to walk 30 minutes every day. I felt so good afterwards that now I walk more than 40 minutes a day. I am managing to keep my blood sugar levels well under control."