Salome Hydes

Salome Hydes is a Nurse in England and frequently visits Sierra Leone to raise diabetes awareness, because of her family history of diabetes she is continuously motivated to raise awareness for diabetes, wherever she is.

Hence her voluntary work at the Government Hospital in Freetown which runs a voluntary diabetic clinic. This clinic provides teaching sessions, leaflets about diabetes and even strips & lancets are donated.

‘During my visit to this voluntary clinic I realized that essential clinical supplies such as blood sugar monitoring machines, (Gluco-meters) gloves, aprons, alcohol wipes which are easily accessible in Europe are rare or not available in this clinic which makes it practically impossible to fully implement universal precautions. Imagine doctors inspecting diabetic sores without gloves and no hand disinfectant. This is the reality on the ground.’

These observations inspired her to form ‘Friends of Diabetes Sierra Leone (FODSL)’, a group which consists of people from all areas of the country, from all walks of life, professionals and non- professionals to work as a team, support and raise funds for the day-day running of the voluntary clinic in Freetown by raising awareness and promoting diabetes health care to the Country Sierra Leone at large.

In the United Kingdom she is working with the elderly and vulnerable, visiting them at their homes, encouraging them to express their concerns about diabetes and teaching them about diabetes foot care and healthy eating habits.