WDD Hero: Scott Benner

Scott Benner

Scott Benner and his daughter ArdenOur daughter Arden was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just after her second birthday in August of 2006. A short time after I began writing on a blog that would later be called 'Arden's Day'. It's now five years later and 'Arden's Day' is still going strong. I was able to continue writing this long because of the amazing interaction that the Diabetes Online Community creates. This group of people is unlike any that I've ever encountered, caring, connected and supportive. It's been my great pleasure to add to their collective grace.

Recently we launched a non-profit that is aimed at alleviating the costs associated with purchasing insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors for children. I was moved to attempt this when I realized just how much Arden and my family was benefiting from these amazing technologies. The more I wrote about their benefits, the more people I heard from. I was shocked at the number of families who were unable to afford the devices but wanted them very badly. With a little luck, 'Arden's Day Gives' should be announcing it's existence by late 2012!! Also, please look for my book about being a stay-at-home father and a type I caregiver; it will arrive in book stores in the spring of 2013.

I do my best every day to help others understand, cope and overcome the issues that affect families living with a chronic illness. I certainly don't see myself as a hero but I do very much like knowing that something I've done may help another person. Diabetes may be all encompassing but it doesn't have to be all consuming... if I can do it, we all can.