Flash mob for diabetes: Let's Beat It!

In 2011, over 30 countries participated in the first World Diabetes Day flash mob challenge. This year we're continuing the initiative and hope to see even more individuals and associations raise diabetes awareness in a fun and entertaining way.

Help us make this a coordinated global celebration by getting your friends, families and colleagues together on 14 November and organising a special World Diabetes Day performance in a local square, commercial centre or other public place in your area. You could do a dance, a physical activity (eg. jumping, exercising), form a blue circle, or just shout out awareness messages to alert  the public on the urgent need to act on diabetes to protect our future.

Get some inspiration by watching some of the flash mobs that were organised last year. If you're looking for a simple dance routine to perform view the special video tutorial developed by IDF to get people moving for diabetes awareness.

Join the Challenge by posting your confirmed flash mob online or sending the information to [email protected].